Uncategorized April 25, 2020

Organized Closets can be a works of Art

A while back I worked with a virtual organizer from California who helped me organize closets, rooms and drawers.  She spent 3 hours each session (via Facetime) teaching me how to break down the overwhelming task into manageable steps.  Here are a few takeaways that continue to help me stay organized:

  1. Determine the specific items that will be stored in the closet
  2. Remove EVERYTHING from the closet.
  3. Sort items into Keep, Donate, Relocate, Undecided & Trash
  4. Be realistic. If the item is rarely used or worn, or you’re holding on to something “just in case” … let it go
  5. For the undecided clothes/items ask yourself,  “Does it bring me joy?”  If yes, keep it.  If not, let it give joy to someone else. This might seem trite, but it works.
  6. Discerning whether to keep sentimental items is a little tougher. I’m very sentimental and I was holding onto many things merely because they belonged to a loved one or a distant relative.  The same joy question applies here.  Once I decided to let some of these items go, I was encouraged to hold the item, appreciate its history, appreciate who it belonged to and be thankful.  This helped me tremendously.
  7. Most organizers recommend using containers and I encourage sellers to do the  same when preparing to sell.

I spent months organizing my house but the 2 areas that brought me the most satisfaction were the hall linen closet & my kitchen towel drawer.  To me they are works of art.  Folding towels in a uniform way seems insignificant but it brings order to an otherwise messy closet/drawer.  Check out this you tube demonstration on how to fold towels: how to fold towels