Why I like the State Fair

state fair 2Have you heard it? … the train rumbling down the mostly unused track, blowing its whistle to let us know that it’s State Fair time, a time that stirs old memories and creates new ones.  There really is nothing like the Indiana State Fair – people, animals, art, concerts, tractor pulls and food … lots of food – all in one place.  I love the excitement. Even the animal buildings are fascinating.  Who doesn’t want to see the biggest boar in the state or the little baby piglets?  It fascinates me that farm families will set up camp for a week or two right there in the animal pavilions.  It is so endearing to see how close knit these farm families are.  A trip through the The Home & Family Arts Building always amazes me as to how many very talented people (& kids) reside in my home state.  I could spend hours admiring the art, but there are so many other things to experience. My son-in-law introduced me to the Draft Horse Show which is one of my favorite events. If you have never seen these beautiful horses, including the always awesome Clydesdales, all decked out parading around the arena, check it out this Sunday, the 16th (bonus – it’s in the air conditioned Coliseum).  I even went to the tractor pull last Sunday.  Wow, was it LOUD!  Then there is the Midway with its many rides that beckens the little kids, as well as the thrill seekers … which is definitely not me… but it’s worth a ‘walk-by’.  Who needs the Midway anyway,when my 2-yr-old grandson was totally enthralled by the machinery & tractors that don’t even move.  The wonder in his eyes was worth more than I can say – another memory made.

If you plan on going to the fair, click on the link below to find out about some of the promotional days & deals


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