This is Your Year to Sell! 4 Tips to Make It Happen!

sold by chris dossman1. Appeal to Mobile Buyers
Flyer boxes are a thing of the past. Nearly all buyers start their search online and most do so from their mobile devices. Using a phone to view property information on a website that is not mobile friendly is frustrating at best. My website is designed for both mobile and desktop devices so that the consumer can easily access and view properties of interest.
2. Separate your “Home” from your “Investment”
A Home holds many memories and sometimes the emotions of ‘letting go’ can get in the way of selling a home for its true value. Your home is also an investment. Seek the advice of a real estate expert in determining what that value is and work diligently in becoming sentimentally detached when negotiating an offer.
3. Don’t List Until You Are Serious about Selling
Selling a home is about more than ‘moving’. It’s transitioning into another phase of your life.
Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a growing family or an empty nester, a move is not only about ‘letting go’, it’s also about embracing what’s ahead. Be ready and be EXCITED!
4. Make Your Home a Stand Out Online
Presenting a home for sale is much like painting a picture. Positioning furniture and décor properly can create a visual picture that moves the eye in the direction that highlights the features of your home. Once staged, it is crucial to post PROFESSIONAL photographs online, which is where buyers will first see your home. Make it your BEST FIRST IMPRESSION! If you can’t get the consumer’s attention online, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get them inside.
5. Don’t Disappoint
As important as it is for your home to look good online, it is equally important to meet or even exceed the buyer’s expectations when they actually see the home. The goal is matching the buyer’s experience when they walk in the door to the excitement they felt after viewing the online photos. Promise HIGH and deliver HIGHER!

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