Suburban Trails-Connecting People to Places

71st street path 7It is so exciting to see the city’s focus on creating walking/biking paths in the suburban areas of Indianapolis.  There is a growing desire for people to be able to walk or bike to nearby destinations (restaurants, parks, libraries, schools & businesses) & I see it with many of my clients who are planning a move in the not-so-distant future.  I personally love the idea of hopping on my bike & riding to Broad Ripple which offers so much to do…. but from there I can also access the Monon Trail which goes north to Carmel or south to Downtown Indy.  Soon this ride will be even easier once the 71st Street Trail from Binford to Hague Road is completed.  Great progress has already been made. Residents in the area will also be able to safely ride or walk to the restuarants & retail shops at Lake Plaza Drive which runs along Binford Avenue between 71st & Graham Road.  This trail is a huge asset to so many neighborhoods in the NE corrider of the City & would not have been possible without the efforts of BRAG (Binford Redevelopment And Growth Orginazation).  Because of the recognized health benefit of these trails & walking paths, a movement is growing to “complete the streets” in communities across the country & right here in Indiana. The Indianapolis City Council & Mayor Greg Ballard have voiced their support for a strong “Complete the Streets” ordinance which would put policies in place to ensure that road networks are built & retrofitted to be safer & welcoming to everyone.

I think the ability to walk or ride throughout the city is conducive to much more than connectivity & good health … for me, it frees my mind of the day’s clutter & makes room for creative thinking or allows some peace of mind. Consider this:  Albert Einstein thought of the Theory of Relativity while riding his bike! I don’t expect to get quite that creative … but hey…. you never know!


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