“SOLD” is Good, Right?

Jan and DaveSelling a home quickly is a good thing, especially when the sellers are friends who have trusted me with their business.  I was honored to represent Dave & Jan in the sale of the home that held so many memories for them – where they raised their family and welcomed their grandchildren.  I was thrilled that the process went extremely well. Timing was perfect.  They bought a home prior to putting theirs on the market and it closed before they made their first house payment.  Great right?  Yes, except Dave & Jan were our neighbors & friends and it was bittersweet when I put the SOLD sign in the yard.  Saying goodbye to great neighbors is always hard and my husband & I will miss them.  They were such an active part of our community.  It was one of those happy/sad moments for them as well.  This was a place they called home for 30+ years…a comfortable & comforting retreat.  However, Dave & Jan were ready for new adventures and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of the process.  Although moving after 30+ years can be overwhelming & definitely exhausting, I know that they have already started making wonderful memories in their new home.  I wish them well.  It won’t take long for them to meet their new neighbors and I am certain that those neighbors will love them as much as we did.  We, too, look forward to getting to know our new neighbors.  Change can be good … but not always easy.

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