It’s Up to You and Me!

earth dayThe month of April is The Great Indy Clean-up Month and today is Earth Day.  What better way to honor what has been given us than to pay attention to not only the beauty around us, but also the total disregard for this gift called earth, our home.  My husband and I and a few others gathered on Saturday to clean up the area OUTSIDE our neighborhood (inside our neighborhood is beautifully maintained) and the amount of trash was unbelievable.  It made me want to cry.  I’m not talking about blown trash… I’m talking about major littering.  It’s epidemic in this city.  When you become aware of the problem, it can be overwhelming.  I’m not sure what the answer is.  Many ideas have run through my mind on what can be done,  but it’s hard to wrangle them in and actually come up with a plan. Education? A coalition of people to approach city businesses to get them on board? Ask the city for more trash cans? I don’t have the answer yet.  However,  I do know this … if we would all just raise our awareness and the awareness of others, things might change.  I carry a box of plastic gloves in my car and whenever possible, I pick up trash.  If everyone committed to doing that … what a difference it would make.  Happy Earth Day!

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